Who We Are

Who We Are

Shyne Botanicals is a line of wellness products and a lifestyle brand based in Canada. Rooted in natural ingredients, our history originates from the legacy market with over 10 years of experience carefully crafting custom formulations for people in need. Bringing a new level of cannabis and CBD wellness products to Canada, Shyne Botanicals is unrivaled in quality, care and effectiveness. Taking pride in providing premium medicinals and topicals for the physical and emotional wellbeing of people. 

At Shyne Botanicals we use our knowledge and respect of alchemy to formulate unique plant synergies promoting natural healing and providing the potential for deep pain relief.

Our topical salve products are applied to the skin and absorbed for localized pain relief. They are highly effective for muscle pain, soreness and inflammation.

The THC or CBD helps aid pain in the area applied, without experiencing any kind of high. Shyne botanicals uses top quality, all-natural botanicals that are beneficial to your skin, with added essential oils to help combat different ailments or soothe and balance the mind with aromatherapy. Add the potent healing power of cannabis and you have the ability to access pain relief, naturally. Research into the benefits of medical marijuana is growing daily, especially in this new phase of legalization.

Current research shows that using marijuana medicinally is safe, natural and highly effective for pain management, nausea, anxiety, insomnia and more. This in combination with a massive amount of personal stories is finally opening this healing plant up to being used for what it has always been meant for; easing people through pain, suffering, disease, and mental health issues. At Shyne Botanicals we feel incredibly lucky to have access to this plant and its medicinal properties.